Horse riding

Casa Lena gives home to some of the finest Peruvian Paso horses, a family of prize winning horses and arguably the smoothest riding horse in the world.

The Peruvian Paso horse is known for its endurance and willingness to work, not to mention its extremely comfortable gait. This specific gait has no vertical bounce, and hence posting (moving up and down with each of the horse’s footfalls) is unnecessary. Because the rider feels no strain, hours in the saddle become pure pleasure. For this reason the Peruvian Paso are often popular with inexperienced riders or with people who have back trouble. Undoubtedly the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of the horse world!

All Casa Lena horses are pure bred and registered at the Peruvian studbook association (ANCPCPP). Although a big tradition in Peru, we choose not to compete with our horses for the sake of their well being.

We only offer tours with our horses in small groups with a maximum of 8 people. Several trails are possible, from short one day tours until three days of horse riding pleasurement.

The first tour is three-hour walk to Capitan Rumi and San Cristobal, two viewpoints into the deepest canyon of the world, the Apurimac canyon.

The second tour takes you from Curahuasi to the thermal baths of Cconoc in four hours. It is possible to return to Casa Lena by car in the afternoon or to stay the night in Cconoc, returning the day afterwards by car or with the horses.

An other tour leads us to lake Ccocha, a beautiful lake two hours south from Curahuasi.

The last tour takes us to the swimming pool of Lukmos for a refreshing swim in sunny days!

 LocationDepends on your desire
DurationDepends on your desire
Included– Private transportation
– Professional guides
– Food and drinks
– First aid kit
Not included Pictures
We recommend to bring– Repellent
– Sun block
– Drinks and snacks
– Hat
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