San Cristobal – Capitan Rumi

The viewpoint of San Cristobal offers you a magnificent view into the Apurimac canyon, the deepest canyon in the world. The San Cristobal mountain is defining for the way you perceive Curahuasi. As it watches over the small town from the other side of the valley, it forms a beacon you can see from everywhere. Every year, people from Curahuasi mount giant crosses to the top to ask for good luck for the next year.

As you ascend the small pathway, you will have a clear overview on the town and its agricultural fields surrounding it. Once you arrive on top, the view into the canyon will emerge. In the background, beautiful snowtopped mountains, including the well known Salkantay mountain, rise above the canyon to form a breathtaking mountainscape.

The walk to the viewpoint takes you about an hour. In total, the activity will take about three hours but this depends on how much time you would like to spend on top of the mountain. We recommend bringing sufficient water and some snacks as the twisting path is moderately demanding at some points.

Once arrived, it is possible to continue your walk to Capitan Rumi, Quechua for ‘Stone’ another viewpoint into the canyon with a huge monolith on the edge of the canyon.

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