About us

In 2012 Stefanie and Gilder, a mixed Belgian-Peruvian couple, founded the N.G.O Oye Lena, an educational project for children. Every morning the project works with kids with special educational needs and every afternoon with toddlers from underprivileged families.

The project is based in Curahuasi, a small but charming town in the middle of the Andes mountain range, 125 km away from Cuzco and the famous Macchu Pichu. Thanks to its unique location, it offers magnificent views on the mountainscape and it benefits from a very pleasant  microclimate. The much feared Peruvian rainy season barely has its effect in daytime, since most of the rain only falls during the night.

Stefanie and Gilder have been providing a home for the volunteers of Oye Lena for quite some time now. With Casa Lena, in 2015 they opened up their home to travelers as well. Doing so, they want to provide a home base for travelers who want to discover Peru in a familial atmosphere. You can stay in one of the three private rooms with on-suite bathroom, or choose to set up tent on the campground. A catered breakfast with homemade products is served to early birds as well as to people who like to sleep in. To fill empty stomachs during or after a busy day, you can choose from a number of national dishes, prepared by us or one of the “tías”.

The animals on the ‘hacienda’ (= farm) have all the space they need and receive food from our own fields.  Fresh vegetables are grown ecologically in the garden and the fruit trees are in full growth. At your wish it is possible to help in the care of the farm during your stay.  Travelers of the more curious type can learn some local tips and trics about the Spanish language, the local quechua, which is the mother tongue of most Peruvians, and some typical Peruvian dishes.