Tunnels of Maucachaca

The tunnels of Maucachaca (old bridge in Quechua) are remains of tunnels made by the Incas in the mountains. The construction of the tunnels was necessary, since they are located on the major route ‘camino Inca’ from Cusco to Chinchaysuyo, the northwestern provincial region of the Inca Empire (located in current countries Ecuador and Colombia). The walk offers us wonderful views of the mountains and the river Apurimac.

1-day trip

We leave at 7 in the morning and drive for half an hour to the thermal baths of Cconoc, where we start our walk to the tunnels. The walk takes about 4 hours. We have a snack at the farthest point of the walk, where a former Inca bridge crossing the Apurimac River used to be. This bridge was destroyed during the Spanish invasion and legend says the Inca’s hid their gold in between the rocks. We arrive back in Cconoc around midday and enjoy a traditional lunch in the local restaurant. Afterwards we can regain strength in the thermal baths and return home when everybody is ready to go.

2-day trip

On the first day we leave after lunch to Cconoc, where we immediately set off to our private beach, located 5 minutes walking from the thermal baths. Once we’ve set up camp, there is time to relax or to swim in the pools. In the late afternoon we prepare a nice barbecue after which we enjoy a camp fire under the stars. On the second day we pack our stuff, after a healthy breakfast, and set off to the tunnels of Maucachaca, as in the 1-day trip.

Duration1 day or 2 days
Included– Private transportation
– Professional guides
– Tents for 2 persons
– Entrance to the pools
– 1 breakfast, 1 dinner, drinks and snacks
– First aid kit
Not included Pictures
We recommend to bring– Trekking shoes
– Repellent
– Sun block
– Swimsuit and towel
– Sleeping bag, mattress, flashlight
– Drinks and snacks
– Hat
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