Road description

It isn’t always easy for people to find us, but with this description you shouldn’t have any problem. We’ve put some signs on the road as well.

If you are coming from Abancay, you pass through Curahuasi first and cross a bridge over a small river. Immediately after the bridge, take the first little dirt road at the right.

If you are coming from the direction of Cusco, before arriving to Curahuasi, there is a big sign with a cow and a big sign welcoming you to Curahuasi. At these signs, and right before the bridge, you can see a little dirt road at your left. You almost have to make a U-turn to get onto it. If you are crossing the bridge, you’ve gone too far.

You continue that road until you arrive at a T-junction, where you turn left (the right leg of this junction is more of a grass path). You then follow this winding road until you see a big sign of Oye Lena/Casa Lena at a junction. You follow the sign to the left. Shortly after, you will find a big iron gate at your left side, this is where the camping grounds start. Take this turn to the left and follow that road down to the platform. The house and school are a bit further down.

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